J.Deans Sausage & Jerky Co. and Thomas Deer Processing Info

For Deer Processing call our neighbors and deer processing partners for the last 35 years at Thomas processing 810-658-5369 Price is 75.00 cut and wrapped how you want it.

For All Your Sausage Processing Meat Questions Including Pricing  please view the menu below. You can bring meat in or pick up your venison order during any regular business hours Mon-Fri 8-6 ---Sat-Sun 9-5.

On this page there is pricing and more useful info on the bottom.

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More Processing Info.

  • NO CREDIT CARDS This is just a reminder that we only do cash or check for all sausage processing orders.
  • HOURS for venison sausage processing drop off or pick up are Mon-Fri 8-6 & Sat-Sun 9-5
  • MEAT DROP OFF...All the meat you drop off for processing must be off the bone and can be fresh or frozen... anything is fine venison burger works as well.
  • YOUR MINIMUM WEIGHT  for us to make you a batch of sausage is 9lbs .
  • PRODUCTS WE CAN MAKE  see the menu above.

  • Deer Processing Info call our neighbors and processing partners for the last 35 years Thomas Processing at 

             810-658-5369. They do the cutting and we make the sausage.